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tutorial #04

Today we'll be going from

to this:

Using PS CS2, but it's translateable :]. Pretty simple too!

1. Crop your base to 100 x 100 pixels. You can sharpen it if you wish.

2. Duplicate the base. Set it to screen. Mine was left at 100%, but you can change it until it looks good (and you can go back at the end).

3. New fill layer. Fill with #AEDCFF or this. Set to colour burn 100%.

4. Make a New Adjustment layer > Curves. Put in these settings:
Input: 89
Output: 112.

And with that, you're done. The colouring is simple, but I like it. I'd love to see what you guys get, and I love comments!

More examples:

Also, I'll help if anyone needs it :]

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