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Welcome to music_b0x graphics! A place to find lots of graphics, icons, tutorials, etc., but I mostly make icons. This was originally the graphic community of ticklemebillie but has since added more makers. If you would wish to join, just join! No need to comment! The only reason this is friends only is because I don't want people stealing my stuff. But other than that all I have to say is have fun!


1. Must credit! HOW TO CREDIT.
2. Credit the maker if you change a layout but DO NOT change graphics.
3. Please comment if you take anything.
4. Do not claim them as your own. We work very hard on our stuff and it's very offending if someone is claiming they made our banner and such.
5. Upload onto your own sever!
6. If you don't like the artist, don't comment. No one cares.
7. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use our icons for any other sites! (i.e. xanga, gj, myspace etc.).

-To find a specific thing you want, CLICK HERE.


*I tend to forgot who made or where some of the brushes/textures I use came from. So if I'm using any of the burshes or textures that are yours, please tell me and I'll credit you.*

I got some of my brushes from...

jeweledicecream, dearest, _coquettish, colortone, ewanism, firithel_icons, sheld0n, tragic_icons, teh_indy, http://peach-blush.org, http://www.1greeneye.net/brushes, icon_tutorial.


Examples of our work found HERE.

ticklemebillie // billiesexmuffin // bareknucklesass // crayonmeyellow // _sugarfix // kaychoo // el_snoozlepoof // rozzybox // boulevarddream // stjimmyrules // serena_vox // beatupcar // providetheclues // grktiff11 // thisisthetake // awfulstate // dominatedcheeze.

-If you would like to be a maker here, please apply to THIS post.

Sorry, but we have enough makers at the moment.


bamicons // ___________mka // weapon_icons // mix_match_icons // catharsis___ // fandom_inc // shush_quiet // simplepassion // heyoakland // beautycrash // deployedheart // gclef_icons // disaster_notes // basebeat // _billie_joe // murderedlove // rubbish_icons // turboninja // foolishgames // greenday_icons // mcr_lims // spitsink // curtains_fall // alt_stillness // twistedcuteness .

-Wanna be an affiliate? Comment on the 'members only' post here.

Please help promote the community! :)

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